Slow TV

Slow TV

The easiest to follow of our easy-to-follow programs.

Slow TV
  • Famous Paintings

    2 videos

    Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Rembrandt- all the greats covered! Includes the title and author of every piece. Accompanied by classical music.

  • Kitten Slow TV

    8 videos

    Slow. Simple. Adorable.


  • Photos + Music: People

    5 videos

    Photos of smiling faces, adorable kids, couples in love, and more, set to familiar music.

  • Photos + Music: Countries

    5 videos

    Photos and music to help revisit places once called home, or just visited on holiday!

  • Photos + Music: Religions

    5 videos

    Reignite your spirituality, or admire the splendour of religious music - it's up to you! Photos and music for each religion, appropriately themed.